Sunday, November 4, 2012

1 year anniversary !!

For those who love , time is eternity.

I woke up super early to heart attack our house!! I also surprised my hubs with this little jar of cute/funny notes. He really enjoys reading one a day.

 i never knew how many languages there are... and how hard it is to try to write something in a completely foreign language while keeping it all in a straight like ... awkward

For our first fifth and tenth anniversary Piece of cake desserts gives us the top tier of our wedding cake. it is so awesome beats having to eat year old cake, i don't think i could go through with that tradition. Reason being, i would eat it right away. Did i mention that our cake was delicious!! the fondant was good tasting but just too much sugar for my liking, we mostly just ate the cake middle. The filling was raspberry and the cake was almond flavor.
We had a great day celebrating our first year

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Red rush

Back in action !! Ruby red locks in full effect.
Contemplating being strawberry shortcake for Halloween
Other two options are Jessie from Toy story or Ariel

All lovely red heads so who do you vote for??

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Its autumn !! Love the color orange when the weather gets a little cooler. Here in arizona we don't get the color change in the trees so we have to orange and red indoors :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

First appointment

 waiting for the ultra sound

Evidence that there is indeed a baby !! Sky is extra glad that its only one and not twinsies

our baby is barely visible but we did hear a faint heartbeat <3

We were so anxious to finally be able to see the baby

I'm 8 weeks  2 days today !! No nausea yet but have been experiencing a lot of fatigue and soreness.
i have gained 2 pounds but it might just be because i haven't been very active lately and have mostly been sleeping... a lot  :)

Cool facts about the baby: measures about the size of a raspberry
has began to form fingers, toes, and eyelid folds, ears and nose tip, all very tiny. Inside the body digestive tract is beginning to form

Big Reveal

The big reveal!!!

Okay so if you haven't figured it out by now... I'm Preggo !!!! 
We found out june 7th after taking a pee test and missing the old faithful dot. hehe After the initial shock and panic my hubby and i decided to get the fam bam together to help us celebrate the news. We prepared  yummy sunday dinner which consisted of coconut flakes covered chicken a tropical salad, sweet carrot salad, cornbread and grilled corn on the cob. Both of our parents and siblings came over but neither knew that the other would be there. We are so sneaky!! After the delicious feast sky and i knew that the big reveal was coming... i was getting a little nervous so i took my nephew and my sis into my room where i had two helium ballons one pink one blue and told him to go show grandma. My sis didn't really get why i had ballons in my room at first then i showed her the cute picture frame and she kinda got the clue, she started to scream but i quickly told her to shut it down lol ... Nephew went out the bedroom and displayed his two ballons proudly !! The congratulations came after and of course the hugs and all the questions!
We are very excited to have started our family. We are ready.  Now the only question remains is team girl or team boy ??

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Have you ladiies heard of the new color tatto by maybelline

they are soooo awesome !!
i used the orange one for this look my UD Naked Palette some falsies and liquid eyeliner
these eyes are a great summer look